Jun 11

Performing the gentle exercises of yoga can alleviate stress

Dahn Yoga is a notable method of stress management that has helped people all over the world enhance all aspects of their well-being. The calming stretches improve flexibility, while the gentle and soothing poses encourage stamina, endurance and physical strength. At the same time, the deep breathing techniques help people stay calm and centered, which can enhance their emotional and mental well-being.

The Times of India reports that many people all over the world are stressed due to personal and professional obligations, but that they may not fully realize the impact of tension and anxiety on their quality of life. Dealing with pressure may not only have adverse effects on the body, but can lead to depressive symptoms.

As a result, engaging in the gentle exercises of yoga can help people feel better in many ways. Individuals of all skill levels can participate, as the moves cover a range of levels of difficulty.

Those who wish to keep stress at bay can perform a stretch that involves lying flat on the back, legs together, and stretching the arms with palms facing upward. Additionally, they can stand with their feet together and breathe in while bringing the arms straight up, pressing the hands together.

Such soothing moves can help prevent stress and optimize well-being at the same time. 

Jun 11

Yoga finds favor with young enthusiasts

Yoga is traditionally thought of as a type of exercise for adults. After all, this powerful method of stress management has been performed by grown-ups all over the world, many of whom have been able to enhance their physical, emotional and mental health simultaneously using the system's gentle stretches and poses.

However, more and more parents are bringing their children along to yoga sessions in order to share the benefits of the holistic mind-body regimen with their little ones. In fact, some classes are held for youngsters only.

According to the Indian Express, practicing the deep breathing techniques and soothing poses of yoga has helped children improve their focus and enhance their performance in several types of sports, including badminton.

For example, 10-year-old Vardaan Mehta has been able to hone his flexibility and protect himself from injury on the badminton court through the practice of yoga.

Recently, a yoga camp was held for Mehta and other junior badminton players around the community.

"Yoga has given me more power in my game," he told the news source. 

Jun 11

Yoga instructor introduces ‘doga,’ an exercise for enthusiasts and their dogs

Yoga is a unique exercise in that it has no boundaries with regard to age, background or level of experience. Through the deep breathing techniques, poses and stretches of the holistic mind-body system, adults, children and even infants have found a powerful method of stress management that relaxes them, helps them sleep better and facilitates the optimization of health.

Now, the Independent Florida Alligator has reported that yoga may have no boundaries with regard to species, either. Pet owners are bringing their dogs along to sessions of “doga,” or yoga for people and pooches alike.

“Dogs teach us how to be present in this moment,” explained instructor Suzi Teitelman, quoted by the news source. “They teach us unconditional love.”

In order to give back to man’s best friend, Teitelman launched her yoga studio to help dogs and their owners relax and bond at the same time.

Attendees perform gentle stretches together. For example, one exercise calls for the human to sit with legs stretched wide while their dog lies perpendicular between their thighs. Simultaneously, as the owner reaches for their own feet, they rub their pet’s legs at the same time.

Jun 11

Researchers identify link between stress and development of Alzheimer’s disease

Stress management is an important consideration for individuals all over the world, as prolonged tension and anxiety can increase their risk for many serious conditions. People who have Alzheimer’s disease, for example, may benefit from a stress-relieving regimen such as Dahn Yoga, due to the fact that stress may exacerbate the symptoms of their disorder.

According to scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, adverse life events could potentially be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.

They suggested that the hormones that are released during stressful periods of life can accelerate the development of the neurodegenerative disorder. Specifically, they discovered that protein deposits begin accumulating at a faster pace in nerve cells, which is a strong indicator for the disease.

“Viewing stress as a trigger of Alzheimer’s disease offers exciting new research possibilities aimed at preventing and delaying this severe disease,” researchers explained. “Moreover, since vulnerability to major depression is known to be increased by stress, it will be interesting to know the role of [protein molecules] in the onset and progress of this condition.”

May 11

Infertile couples can find comfort through yoga

Dahn Yoga is an excellent method of stress management for just about anyone, from tired parents and overworked employees to older adults who are anxious about retirement. The holistic mind-body system is known for welcoming participants of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds, regardless of their level of previous experience. People all over the world have enjoyed the stress-relieving benefits of the regimen.

Couples who are struggling to have children may experience a great deal of tension and frustration. According to WFSB News Hartford, these individuals may find comfort in engaging in yoga.

“When psychologists look at the stress of being infertile, it’s right up there with losing a first relative or a child or a husband or a wife,” said reproductive endocrinologist Mark Leondires, quoted by the news source. “If you take these women and you put them in a room with other women, which allows them to connect with their body and each other, it seems to have a real benefit.”

One woman who conceived easily but had difficulty staying pregnant found that participating in yoga helped her avoid experiencing another miscarriage. Fertile yoga helped her find inner tranquility and comfort from a supportive network of other women.

May 11

Enthusiasts try ‘face yoga’ to get a fresher, younger appearance

All over the world, yoga has built up quite the reputation for itself as a powerful method of pain and stress management. The breathing techniques and soothing poses of the holistic mind-body system have enabled countless individuals to enhance their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

When people think of yoga exercises, the arms, legs and core muscles are the first areas of the body to come to mind. However, ABC 7 News reports that yoga is now addressing the muscles of the face as well. This can help individuals look younger and more awake, as well as give their appearances more definition.

“By making those muscles work and doing the different things we do, it increases circulation so you look fresher,” said expert Sandy Kline, quoted by the news source.

One enthusiast said that she was skeptical about the regimen at first, but the exercises soon convinced her of the program’s rejuvenating capabilities. She explained that her regular yoga sessions helped her get a good feeling in her body, and that this type of yoga did the same for her face.

Whether a person is intent on strengthening the body or firming the face, one thing is for sure – engaging in yoga is beneficial in many ways.

May 11

Yoga helps tone the body without straining the muscles

Rigorous workouts that include running, cycling or swimming can take a serious toll on your bones and muscles. Luckily, the holistic mind-body system of yoga—which is known for its significant benefits on pain and stress management—can help tone and enhance without putting too much additional strain on an already overworked body.

Recently, Women Citizen—a health and fitness resource—reported that engaging in yoga can be a great way for individuals to sculpt their thighs. Legs are often a problematic area that many people would like to improve. Rather than performing vigorous physical activity that can do more damage than good, choosing a tranquil yet effective regimen like yoga can be a good way to achieve a better body.

In addition to gentle breathing techniques and rejuvenating stretches, yoga promotes soothing poses that help practitioners improve their strength and flexibility. One such pose, which is meant to tone the thighs, involves standing up straight with the legs about shoulder-width apart. From this position, one can bend the torso and touch the floor, stretching the quadricep muscles.

To achieve further toning, standing up on one leg while bending the otherY—keeping the knee parallel to the toe—can be a great way to strengthen the thighs.

Apr 11

Prenatal yoga can help women prepare for the birthing process

Pregnant women who want the best for their babies may want to add yoga to the list, right alongside a nutritious diet and plenty of rest. Gazettes, a Long Beach, California, publication, revealed that the heightened awareness and tranquility that many yoga practitioners experience are important for expectant mothers.

Prenatal yoga can be a great way for these ladies to stay fit mentally and physically, as well as prepare themselves for the birthing process.

Many classes tailored to the needs of pregnant women incorporate breath work, in which the attendees learn to inhale and exhale deeply for optimal comfort while giving birth. The regimen also strengthens them physically, allowing them to feel confident when the baby comes.

The gentle postures, stretches and breathing techniques of yoga are a powerful method of stress management for people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. Bringing such an exercise into one’s life can help relieve anxiety and tension.

As a result, the regimen could be an important type of physical activity for expectant mothers.

Mar 11

Students worried about finances should try stress management

The financial stresses of online education can be a major burden for students today. However, yoga meditation can be one way for someone with high anxiety to channel all of their nerves so they are able to get through their day.

Students in the University of Nevada system may find that budget cuts to their institution will hurt the overall quality of their education, according to the Associated Press. The University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV) president, Neal Smatresk, told the news provider that government proposed cuts will take away from the college’s ability to educate students.

Because these cuts may pose a threat to the higher education system, Las Vegas’ ABC affiliate, KTNV reports that more than 1,000 students, parents and educators marched through the state’s Capitol in order to voice their displeasure of Governor Brian Sandoval’s plans to implement $162 million in cuts.

For those who believe that their tuitions will increase dramatically as a result of these budget cuts, using Dahn Yoga exercises can be a way to achieve stress management.

Mar 11

Yoga helps overeater overcome her cravings

The allure of food can be too overpowering for many individuals, and those who cannot resist its call may run into poor health and obesity at the end of the calorie tunnel. This dilemma was faced by one compulsive overeater who found her salvation – and a successful stress management method – in the art of yoga, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Dayna Macy was once a food writer who fell victim to the fattening temptations of chocolate, cheese and sausage. Since beginning yoga, however, she has better understood the mind-body connection and learned that to take care of one is to take care of the other.

“I’m not looking for a perfect body or a perfect way to eat,” she told the news source. “I’m searching for a relationship with food that brings me greater health, peace of mind and ease in my [own] skin. I’m hungry for freedom.”

And she found it through rising at 4:30 AM each day to meditate, breathe and reflect, learning through her relaxing regimen that cravings pass and that one’s focus should be on uniting the well-being of mind and body.

Through practices such as Dahn Yoga, health can be achieved in many different ways, whether an individual is hoping to improve themselves mentally, emotionally or physically.