Yoga instructor introduces ‘doga,’ an exercise for enthusiasts and their dogs

Yoga is a unique exercise in that it has no boundaries with regard to age, background or level of experience. Through the deep breathing techniques, poses and stretches of the holistic mind-body system, adults, children and even infants have found a powerful method of stress management that relaxes them, helps them sleep better and facilitates the optimization of health.

Now, the Independent Florida Alligator has reported that yoga may have no boundaries with regard to species, either. Pet owners are bringing their dogs along to sessions of “doga,” or yoga for people and pooches alike.

“Dogs teach us how to be present in this moment,” explained instructor Suzi Teitelman, quoted by the news source. “They teach us unconditional love.”

In order to give back to man’s best friend, Teitelman launched her yoga studio to help dogs and their owners relax and bond at the same time.

Attendees perform gentle stretches together. For example, one exercise calls for the human to sit with legs stretched wide while their dog lies perpendicular between their thighs. Simultaneously, as the owner reaches for their own feet, they rub their pet’s legs at the same time.

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