Infertile couples can find comfort through yoga

Dahn Yoga is an excellent method of stress management for just about anyone, from tired parents and overworked employees to older adults who are anxious about retirement. The holistic mind-body system is known for welcoming participants of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds, regardless of their level of previous experience. People all over the world have enjoyed the stress-relieving benefits of the regimen.

Couples who are struggling to have children may experience a great deal of tension and frustration. According to WFSB News Hartford, these individuals may find comfort in engaging in yoga.

“When psychologists look at the stress of being infertile, it’s right up there with losing a first relative or a child or a husband or a wife,” said reproductive endocrinologist Mark Leondires, quoted by the news source. “If you take these women and you put them in a room with other women, which allows them to connect with their body and each other, it seems to have a real benefit.”

One woman who conceived easily but had difficulty staying pregnant found that participating in yoga helped her avoid experiencing another miscarriage. Fertile yoga helped her find inner tranquility and comfort from a supportive network of other women.


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