Beauty and the Beast – an inspiring story of personal development

Stories of personal growth are often interesting for those who practice Dahn Yoga. Yoga lovers can alternate between watching Dahn Yoga videos and other movies where characters develop and change over the course of the story.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has become a classic for many households, and what younger viewers see as a purely romantic love story between a pretty girl and an ugly beast is actually a story of self development for both characters.

In the beginning of the movie, the Beast is a handsome prince who is selfish and will not give lodging to an old beggar woman. Unbeknownst to him, the beggar woman is actually an enchantress and she turns him into a beast as punishment for his selfishness.

The Beast must learn to change his personal flaws and develop as a righteous person in order to return to his human form.

Thankfully, he has the help of a young woman named Belle who stumbles into his castle. Belle herself – though she is already kind and nurturing – must learn to see beyond the physical appearances of the Beast and fall in love with his soul and heart within.

One character who shows little sign of self-development through the movie – the antagonist, Gaston – meets a dismal end, in which he not only doesn’t get the girl, but he falls off of a tall, dark, gothic tower.


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