Yoga enhances quality of life for women with fibromyalgia

Patients who are suffering from debilitating diseases often turn to Dahn Yoga as a method of pain management. The relaxing exercise, which originated in Korea, promotes deep breathing and soothing postures that closely unite the mind and the body.

Individuals who have fibromyalgia often experience a significant amount of pain. Although many studies in the past have found that physical activity alleviates the symptoms of this disease, recent research focused on yoga’s ability to improve patients’ quality of life.

Researchers assessed a total of 53 women with fibromyalgia who were divided into two groups. One group received medication for their pain, while the other group participated in a yoga program over the course of eight weeks. Those who engaged in yoga performed breathing techniques, simple poses and meditation, in addition to sharing feelings with other study subjects.

At the end of the study, the research team found that those who had done yoga reported 24 percent less pain, 30 percent less tiredness and 42 percent less depression. They also worried less, slept better and had improved balance.

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