Regardless of how practitioners choose to engage in yoga, the regimen may be beneficial for all

For practitioners of Dahn Yoga, energy flow is a major priority and may be enhanced through achieving a better mind-body connection by way of the regimen's breathing techniques and gentle poses.

Over the years, the ancient art – which originated in Korea many centuries ago – has been adopted by modern-day Westerners as a result of the tranquility and mindfulness that it has given them. Many individuals live hectic, demanding lives and find that yoga helps them better manage all of their responsibilities.

There are many forms of yoga in existence today, and the practice can be streamlined to fit the needs of any individual. Whether one wishes to perform it in solitude at home or in the company of others, there may be something for everyone when it comes to this particular exercise.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that some people practice yoga in hammocks suspended over the ground, which is intended to instill balance and flexibility.

Regardless of how individuals choose to practice, the regimen has countless benefits in addition to improving energy flow. By becoming more aware of the body, practitioners can work towards achieving optimal health and inner peace. 


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