Yoga helps overeater overcome her cravings

The allure of food can be too overpowering for many individuals, and those who cannot resist its call may run into poor health and obesity at the end of the calorie tunnel. This dilemma was faced by one compulsive overeater who found her salvation – and a successful stress management method – in the art of yoga, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Dayna Macy was once a food writer who fell victim to the fattening temptations of chocolate, cheese and sausage. Since beginning yoga, however, she has better understood the mind-body connection and learned that to take care of one is to take care of the other.

“I’m not looking for a perfect body or a perfect way to eat,” she told the news source. “I’m searching for a relationship with food that brings me greater health, peace of mind and ease in my [own] skin. I’m hungry for freedom.”

And she found it through rising at 4:30 AM each day to meditate, breathe and reflect, learning through her relaxing regimen that cravings pass and that one’s focus should be on uniting the well-being of mind and body.

Through practices such as Dahn Yoga, health can be achieved in many different ways, whether an individual is hoping to improve themselves mentally, emotionally or physically.

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