Taxi drivers turn to yoga for stress relief

A taxicab driver is no stranger to the frustration and anxiety of everyday life. Weaving in and out of traffic, dealing with rude customers and battling road rage can lead to chronic stress, which has been linked to inflammation and numerous health problems. Thus, these individuals could benefit from practicing breathing exercises that stimulate the mind-body connection and calm the spirit.

Through the practice of Dahn Yoga, energy levels have increased and anxiety has decreased for stressed-out cab drivers, NDTV reports.

One such individual, Andrew Vollo, believes that yoga is the perfect marriage of psychology and spirituality. Soothing the mind and relieving stress through breathing exercises can help individuals stay in touch with their inner selves.

Vollo said that cabbies should “learn enough exercises to loosen their back and legs. [They should] eat better [and perform] breathing exercises. Because if you’re driving in pain, you’re going to be a nasty person,” according to the media outlet.

Practicing Dahn Yoga can be a good way for anyone with a tough job to pause, take a deep breath – or several – and get rid of stress.

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